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Updated: Aug 4, 2023

Shira posing in the Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam, Netherlands:

Amsterdam is the capital most populous city in the Netherlands. The city is knowing for being built on top of a dam, Anne Frank museum, bike culture, red light district, cannabis coffee shops and more!

Shira on a free walking tour in Amsterdam

Top Things to Do In Amsterdam:

  1. Free walking tour: The free walking tour I had in Amsterdam was excellent. Amsterdam is not huge so you will see most of the city on the tour. You’ll learn about the swampy foundations of Amsterdam, the Jewish Quarter, Dutch Bike Culture, the swampy foundations of Amsterdam, The Dutch East India Company, the Red Light District, and a lot more!

  2. Anne Frank House Museum: The Anne Frank House was the house Anne Frank, her family, and other Jewish families hid in during Nazi rule in Europe. The entrance fee was €10.5. Book tickets ahead of time. The museum goes in depth telling the Franks’ story leading up to their deportation to concentration camps.

  3. Heineken Experience Museum: Here you learn about the history of the Heineken company, how they make the beer through a digital interactive experience, and receive three glasses of Heineken. Note: To the Dutch – Heineken is an average-tasting beer.

  4. Red Light District: The Red Light District is a neighborhood in Amsterdam with a concentration of prostitution and sex-oriented businesses. There are women who stand in windows who solicit sex, tons of sex shops, and other sex-related activities. I found that the sex toys were overpriced.

  5. Flea markets: One word – overpriced. However, you should check out a “flea market” in action in Europe. A popular one in Amsterdam is the Albert Cuyp Flea market. You cannot bargain the prices.

  6. Museum Quarter: The Rijksmuseum, Van Gogh Museum, Stedelijk Museum, and Diamant Museum are all located here. Despite it being a lot of people, it was peaceful. This would be a good place to sit in the park and journal.

Shira in downtown Amsterdam

Best eateries in Amsterdam:

  1. Broodje Bert: Hands down that was the best sandwich in all of Europe. €5. Cash only.

Crab Salad Sandwiches
Crab Salad Sandwich.

Things to look out for:

Drugs in Amsterdam: Weed is legal in Amsterdam. According to my tour guide weed is technically “tolerated and decriminalized but not legal.” Either way, if you want to buy it you can go to coffee shops. If you want actual coffee – head to a café. Be careful. I ate an entire edible brownie in one sitting (bad mistake) and was I hallucinating, hyperventilating, seeing double and triple realities, and experiencing extreme temperature changes throughout my body. I am still traumatized from the experience! Conclusion: Amsterdam is a fun city with lots to do. Black Dutch people are the coolest people I have met on my travels. They have a certain aura of confidence that is refreshing. Amsterdam has a combination of good museums, food, nightlife, and hanky panky that are sure to provide a memorable experience. Every traveler should have Amsterdam on their list of places to visit. Don’t forget to come with plenty of money because Amsterdam is expensive!


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