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Updated: Aug 4, 2023

Seville river view


Seville is the capital of Southern Spain’s Andalucía region. The city has a lot of Moorish influence and the architecture is to die for. Seville is significantly cheaper than other places in Spain like Barcelona or Madrid. Flamenco is also native to the city and region at large.

Shira taking selfie in Seville

Things to do in Seville:

  1. Barrio Santa Cruz: A gorgeous neighborhood filled with small streets that are so narrow that the sidewalks are virtually non-existent. The color and architecture are to die for. Many battles were in Seville during the pre-colonial era so the neighborhood has also retained fortified structures which are a nod to this history.

Best eats in Seville:

Sangria is red wine mixed with fruits. Every region has their own twist and flavor to their Sangria but Seville has the best. Try this beverage at every restaurant you go to.

1.) Cocome. For €6.50 you get a sandwich, pasta, and smoothie. This was the best and most fresh tasting food I have ever had. I would go back to Seville just for it.

2.) Seafood! It doesn’t matter where, just try it. It’s delicious and cheap.

Conclusion: Seville is my favorite city in Spain. The cheap food, delicious sangria, excellent nightlife, and architecture are incomparable. Seville is a must-visit in Spain and is every budget traveler’s dream.


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