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Updated: Aug 4, 2023



Valencia is a city located in the autonomous region of Valencia. It is mainly known for paella, orange juice, street art, and Las Fallas festival.

Things to do in Valencia:

  1. Free walking tour (Street Art): Barrio del Carmen will introduce you to the art and it’s political meaning.

  2. Valencia “essentials” free walking tour: You’ll see the cathedral, Lonja de la Seda, Barrio del Carmen, Los Serranos, Central Market, and more!

  3. Barrio del Carmen contemporary cultural center: This is a free arts center with tons of inspirational art.

Best eats in Valencia:

  1. Central Market: There are stalls for food as well as fresh produce. Try the fruit cups, they are delicious.

  2. La Ríua: Restaurant known for their paella. For €30 a person you can get a shared paella, jar of sangria and three appetizers. All paella is made to order and will take at least an hour to make.

Seafood paella

Shira smiling

Conclusion: Valencia is a diverse region in Spain with so much to see. As the home of paella – it is a must visit if going to Spain. I recommend going to see all of the street art their and decoding the political messages. It will make you realize that some struggles are global.


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