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Czech Republic

Updated: Aug 4, 2023

Shira in Prague

Prague, Czech Republic:

Prague is the capital and largest city of Czech Republic. The city is known for its Old Town square and large castles. It is also relatively cheap which makes it an excellent location for budget travelers.

Christmas market in Prague

Top 3 Things to do in Prague:

1.) Christmas markets

Prague is so beautiful during the holidays. There are christmas maarkets that sell food, jewelry, and everything is so beautifully decorated. For 140 Kč ($6) I was able to get grilled chicken breast and apple cider. Don’t forget to try Trdnelik is a cinnamon roll that you can get with nutella on the inside. 70 Kč ($3.15).

Shira Selfie at night Christmas market in Prague

Best Eateries in Prague:

  1. Lokal – Typical Czech food. I got chicken breast, rice, and spinach for 330 Kč ($15).

  2. Golden Tikka – Indian restaurant with delicious food, but portions are small. For a meal for two people expect to pay 400 Kč ($18).

  3. Sushi Bar – Japanese food. Beware there aren’t many vegetarian options at this restaurant but the pho is pretty good 170 Kč ($7.65).

  4. Ceske Budejovice (Budweis): Budweis is a small city two hours south of Prague and has little tourism. The first Budweiser factory is located here. Besides the factory and Black tower there is not much to see in the town. I recommend spending no more than 24 hours in Budweis and afterward head to Cesky Krumlov which is just 30 minutes from Budweis.

  5. Cesky Krumlov: Cesky Krumlov is a lot more popular than Budweis because of it’s beautiful buildings that are situated on a winding river. The views from the city are absolutely gorgeous.

Shira in town square in Prague

Shira in streets of prague

Best eateries:

Almost all places in Cesky Krumlov serve local Czech food. The food is quite delicious.

Please note that the Czech diet is rooted heavily in pork but you can find good fish as well. Most meals are under 120 Kč ($5) which is ideal for budget travelers.

Dinner plate in prague

Conclusion: The Czech Republic can is a hidden gem in Eastern Europe. From the great food to the cheap cost of living this is a budget traveler’s dream. The smaller towns introduce you to the culture of Czech Republic. This would be a great country to backpack.


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