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Updated: Aug 4, 2023

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Calblanque Regional Park is a regional park located in Murcia, Spain. Locally, Calblanque is known as a “virgin beach” because there are no business that surround the beach. The park is known for its’ fauna and flora and hiking routes. Calblanque is a perfect weekend getaway in Southeaster Spain.

Buses to the park and the popular beach, also named Calblanque only runs in the summer during peak tourist season (June to first week in September).

Shira posing in Calblanque Regional Park

Note: Beaches in Spain are nude-optional. It’s common to see women topless and children running around completely naked.

How to get to Calblanque:

The best option is to drive. Even during peak season when there is a bus that goes from the town, there is no better feeling than coming and going on your own terms.

From Murcia City you can take an Alsa bus (purchase online or at bus station) to La Manga Mar Menor (€9 max round trip, I’ve seen it for as low as €4).

Ask the bus driver to let you off in Los Belones. From Los Belones, you can catch the tourist bus (€2 each way) that takes you inside the park and leaves you just a few minutes from the beach. See link here.

Hiking to the beach:

Shira grabbing a ride

Get off at Playa de la Honda (must request from bus driver) and hike to the beach. This will take about 3 hours and I wouldn’t recommend it. The path into the park where the beaches are unpaved and full of cars during peak season. I hitched a ride with a friend for the adventure but it was challenging. The ambiance of the park is amazing and the beach is very relaxing.

Conclusion: Calblanque is a must see if you are vacationing down Mar Menor in Southeastern Spain.


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