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Welcome to Black Girl World Traveller

Empowering Black Women:
Explore, Connect, and Embrace the World with Black Girl World Traveller!

Welcome to Black Girl World Traveller, your premier boutique travel agency tailored for bold, fearless, and adventurous black women seeking to explore the world within a community of like-minded ladies!


More than just a travel resource, we are a thriving community celebrating the power, resilience, and beauty of black women across the diaspora. Whether you envision solo escapades, connecting intimately with fellow travelers, or immersing yourself in unforgettable group experiences, our curated travel experiences cater to your desires. Join us to unleash your wanderlust, break barriers, and create enduring memories within a supportive community of fellow black women travelers.

Embark on your journey today!


Black Girl World Traveller caters to the unique needs of black women travelers, offering personalized travel support through expert consultation. Additionally, our stress-free travel itineraries are thoughtfully designed with the black female traveler in mind, ensuring an unforgettable and tailored journey.

Join us to embark on your next adventure with confidence and discover a world that resonates with your identity and desires. Start your exploration today!

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Personalized Travel Support

Elevate Your Adventures with Expert Consultation

Unlock a world of possibilities as you explore your way! Elevate your travel experiences with our 30-minute personalized travel consulting session. Book now to kickstart your exclusive journey, meticulously designed just for you!

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Unleash Your Wanderlust

Explore Stress-Free with Our Tailored Itineraries

Dive into your next adventure hassle-free! Our travel itineraries, thoughtfully crafted for the black female traveler, ensure an unforgettable journey. Ready to embark on stress-free travel? Begin your exploration today!

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Journeying Together with Shira,
Founder of Black Girl World Traveller

Meet Shira

Meet Shira, the passionate founder of Black Girl World Traveller. Fresh out of college with a degree in American Studies and Spanish, she dove into a backpacking escapade across Europe, exploring 14 countries in just 8 weeks. This life-altering expedition inspired the birth of Black Girl World Traveller, fueled by Shira's mission to share her adventures and build a space empowering fellow black women travelers.

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Real Talk for Black Women Exploring the World: Unlock Stories, Tips, and Adventures – Just for You! We dive into the challenges and joys of solo black female travel, share financial insights, discuss life abroad, and everything in between.

When the Tables Turn

Dating is Weird

Dealing with Anger

Available On

  • Apple Podcast
  • Spotify
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Planning Your Next Adventure?

Explore New Orleans, Louisiana, and Bangkok, Thailand, with our exclusive, free itineraries! Discover the top attractions, local dining gems, and insider tips curated just for you. Your journey starts here – download your travel guides now!


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