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Puerto Rico

Updated: Aug 4, 2023

Shira in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico:

The Commonwealth of Puerto Rico is an unincorporated territory of the United States (#colonialism). The capital city, San Juan is a popular tourist destination. Puerto Rico is known for its beautiful weather, salsa dancing, food, and adventure activities. Even though it is apart of the U.S. it is distinctly Caribbean in its culture, weather, and lifestyle.

Note: In the age of COVID-19, please stay healthy and get tested before and after travel, if you are able.

Top 3 things to in San Juan:

  1. El Yunque Book a tour. I booked an AirBnb experience for $70. You will get soaked with mud and water so be prepared. More detailed tips on how to prepare can be found in my itinerary, here.

  2. Explore Old San Juan Old San Juan is so colorful and beautiful. It’s a good idea to just go and walk around a ton without too many expectations of what to see and do. You’re bound to see salsa dancing in the streets, loud music, and friendly people.

  3. The Beach You can’t go to the Caribbean and not go to the beach! My AirBnb was just by Ocean Park beach so I spent hours there soaking up the sun. When you go put your phone on airplane mode and really try to soak it all up. Caribbean life is the best life.

Shira in Bikini

calamari on plate

Mofongo with Seafood.
Mofongo with Seafood. Mofongo is a plantain based dish.

Best eateries in San Juan:

  1. Bebo’s Café: This is a traditional Puerto Rican spot. There’s a mix of locals and foreigners that go here. Price is an average meal similar to the mainland United States ($15-$20). Try the calamari. You won’t regret it.

  2. El Vagón: The fish tacos are heavenly and they have great margaritas. This is in Santurce, a neighborhood right outside San Juan.


Overall, Puerto Rico is a really affordable travel destination. I paid between $3-$10 for ubers, ate good, exercised, and relaxed at the beach. Puerto Rico is a budget traveler’s dream. You can’t ask for more out of a destination.



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