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Morocco Sahara Desert Trip

Updated: Aug 4, 2023

A 7 passenger van
Our van was small and uncomfortable. We were a group of 17.

We did the shared desert tour for €89. Choose a more expensive option for added comfort. It is worth the extra money. Through

I would not do the trip again with this company. Here’s why:

Most tour companies advertise that you only pay the price (e.g. €89) on the website. While this is technically true, at every stop throughout the trip there are people constantly trying to sell you things.

This is true regardless of whichever company you go to. While you have no obligation to buy from the sellers, there is a lot of pressure from locals.

My suggestion is that you keep your hand out of your wallet and enjoy your trip by ignoring beggars and giving a firm “no” when necessary. No matter which trip you do, even if it is a luxury desert trips there will always be guides and beggars asking for tips. They will also try to sell you ugly trinkets as well.

What they said was included versus What we actually got with

1.) What they said was included: Pick up from your Marrakech riad / hotel on the tour day ( or the closest accessible point to your riad )

A/C modern minibus driven by an English / French speaking driver / guide ( Maximum of 17 passengers )

  • What we actually got: We were picked up two minutes from our riad. The bus was too small for a three day road trip of continuous driving for 17 people. The air conditioning did not work well and the vans were old. I got car sick the last day.

2.) What they said was included: First night in Dades Valley hotel including dinner and breakfast:

  • What we actually got: The hotel had bed bugs and was very rustic. My shower had cold water and a broken shower head until I asked hotel staff to fix the issue. Drinks were not included at dinner.

3.) What they said was included: Second night at a desert camp located at the edge of Erg Chebbi dunes including sunset & sunrise camel trekking, dinner and breakfast

  • What we actually got: This all was included and was the best part of the trip. The guides who control the camels will try to sell you ugly trinkets (100Mdh) and bottles of Sahara desert sand (50Mdh). They were not pushy and respectful with their sales pitch. The desert accommodations were rustic. Prepare for a night of camping but just in the desert.



  • What to do: Bring a 5L water bottle purchased in the major city that you start your trip in and a reusable water bottle. This should last you your entire desert trip. You can always buy soda or juice at the restaurants you visit but it will be overpriced.


  • What to do: The restaurants that your driver and guides will stop at are basic and overpriced by Moroccan standards. Expect to pay 100-110 Mdh ($10USD) per meal. This will include an appetizer, main course, and seasonal fruit. Drinks are not included. If you do the 3 day trip you will pay for 3 lunches so budget 3330-350 Mdh if you are doing the 3 days and 2 night desert tour .

Optional local guide in Kasbah Ait Ben Hadou

  • What to do: Refuse the guide and tour the structure on your own. The tour guides do not provide a tour and it is a waste of money. If you go with the guide it is 600 Mdh or €3. You can’t get lost in the structure because there are signs throughout the structure.

Personal expenses

  • What to do: Buy snacks in Marrakech (chips, candy, etc. in general) Marrakech or whatever other major city you come from and bring them with you on the trip. You can store things on the minibus you will be traveling in over 3 days. If you buy snacks while on the trip you will pay 4 or 5x the price (e.g. €4 for pringles)

As you can see there are many additional expenses that come up beyond the €89 price. While you are at no obligation to purchase lunch are you really going to go hungry and sit around while your entire group eats? The answer is no.

You should budget an additional $100USD for all your desert expenses in addition to the original price you pay to the company online.



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