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Updated: Aug 4, 2023

Downtown Minneapolis

Minneapolis is the capital city of Minnesota and the next best thing in the Midwest after Chicago. The city is known for its cold weather, being the founding place of Target, cross country skiing, the Mall of America, and for being one of the two Twin cities.

There is a lot going on in Minneapolis & you’ll never be out of things to do should you decide to visit the city.

Things to Do:

George Floyd was murdered by the Minneapolis Police Department on May 25th, 2020. His death changed the world and was a catalyst for world wide protests against police brutality. The site where he was killed now serves as a memorial to honor his life and the lives of other black people killed by the police.

You can tell that the city is a lot less ostensibly racist as a result of the protests in 2020. Sometimes you have to burn shit down to build things back up for the better.

This site is a must visit during your time in Minneapolis.

Minneapolis Institue of Art: 2400 3rd Ave South, Minneapolis, MN 55404

Also known as MIA amongst locals hosts a vast collection of art across different cultures and time periods. If you decide to visit, allocate 2-3 hours to see the entire museum. I was particularly drawn to the exhibits about Buddhist culture and Black Resilience .

The best part about the museum is that it is free so there isn’t an excuse to not go see it.

This is a contemporary art museum that showcases new age and current art. My favorite was the exhibits on black resilience. I enjoyed this museum but probably would not go again. After visiting MIA (see above) I think that I got a lot more for free than I did by paying the $15 entry fee, in addition to parking. I do think it is worth at least one visit.

Additionally, across the street is a sculpture garden which is free and open to the public.

art gallery

Painting at Walker Art center

Painting at Walker Art center

Small but mighty comes to mind when I think of this museum. This museum highlights key artists in the Soviet Union.

Portrait of Lloyd Paterson

The premiere exhibit is a portrait of Lloyd Paterson who was set to be a part of the 1982 Soviet-German film project Black and White which intended to highlight racism in the United States. Paterson along with 22 the Black Americans traveled to Russia to participate in the project but the film was never made. His son became the most famous Soviet child movie star, performing in the 1936 film The Circus.

statue of a horse missing its head. Critique of American culture and capitalism. Everything that sparkles is sometimes missing its head.
Critique of American culture and capitalism. Everything that sparkles is sometimes missing its head.


When you think of good food in the United States, cities like Philadelphia New York City, Chicago, or New Orleans might come to mind. But Minneapolis should be on that list too! The city has a ton of delicious food that will keep you coming back for more. Let’s review:

As someone with lactose intolerance I cannot eat pizza too often. But Pizzeria Lola is worth every bite. Their Korean BBQ pizza is to die for. Included is beef short ribs, mozzarella, scallion, arugula, sesame, and soy chili vinaigrette. Every time I am in Minneapolis I will make a stop here.

If you are ever at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport (MSP) and have a layover, take an uber to Berry Sweet Kitchen for breakfast or brunch. My favorite is the French toast with berries. This was another restaurant that I will prioritize making a visit to whenever I am in town.

breakfast on table; Canadian bacon, french toast and fruit and home fries

This restaurant is a delicious mash-up of Mexican and seafood cuisine. Lastly, you can’t beat happy hour with delicious strawberry margaritas either.

The shrimp empanadas were the star of the show.

strawberry margarita
You can’t go wrong with a large, cheap, delicious strawberry margarita.

I know that I only began to scratch the surface of all the restaurants in Minneapolis, but if you are looking for great food – Minneapolis is the place for you.

Here are some additional food recommendations given to me by a Minneapolis local: Okome, Bagu Sushi, Raag Indian Cusine, United Noodle, Al’s Breakfast (cash-only), Beirut Restaurant Lebanese Cuisine & Deli, & Stella’s Fish House.

Overall, I really enjoyed Minneapolis. I think the city is a lot more open than it would have been pre-2020. You can tell in the air that things have changed for the better since the 2020 protests. If it wasn’t so cold in the winters I would move to Minneapolis in a heartbeat.

For now, I have put Minneapolis on my shortlist of places to stay for spring and summers. I am excited to plan my next trip to this city when it is warmer out so that I can experience all of the lakes (Lake Harriet, Lake of the Isles, Lake Minnetonka, etc.)

Have you visited Minneapolis? Are you planning to?


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